City Life Labs is our collaborative research program focussed on harnessing digital technology and cutting-edge applied research techniques to help create more Liveable, Affordable and Connected cities.

Urban AI

Urban AI is one of the first applied research projects using and testing the benefits of articial intelligence in real-world urban development scenarios in Australia. UDIA NSW is working with partners UNSW, City Futures Research Centre, and other contributing data sources on the Urban AI project.

We’re building a synthetic city model focussed on the Transit Oriented Design opportunities for the North-South rail. We are using big data, machine learning, and computational design techniques to show a 3D model which can calculate the economic return on development.

Urban Pinboard

Urban Pinboard is an integrated digital platform that enables co-design of the future city, where the public, private and community sectors connect by contributing ideas, comments and proposals on all urban matters in a single platform. Urban matters may be physical, visual, acoustic, strategic and political and they could be local or regional. They may be quantitative and/or qualitative. Urban Pinboard is a data and knowledge rich resource that has the ability to raise the urban IQ of the city and as a result, produce more informed decision making and smart city transformation.

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City Life Analytics

A project using Deep Learning and spatial modelling to build a liveability platform that will comprise real-time tracking of various aspects of the urban environment – including urban heat, land use change and behavioural responses of people to local conditions.

In future, the modelling will integrate into the Urban Pinboard allowing users to explore spatial data outputs and comment on living and working in different parts of Sydney


Arkicity will provide a digital space where citizens share local knowledge and ideas on how to improve public spaces around their city. Differing from traditional community meetings, the application will allow everyone to engage in the transformation of their cities, merging bottom-up and top-down approaches.

Arkicity derives originally from another app initiative called CoCityApp, developed by arki_tools. It incorporates similar core values and innovative approach to citizen involvement in city planning.