UDIA NSW Members may view and comment on the proposed Constitution by email from Friday 23 July 2021 to Friday 20 August 2021.

Please send any comments to udia@udiansw.com.au



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Draft UDIA NSW Constitution



Why is UDIA NSW proposing to change its Articles & Memorandum of Association?

Our current Articles date from the 1970s and have only been slightly amended twice in that time. The Articles have in recent years increasingly acted as a handbrake to UDIA NSW Council rather than an enabling document to empower the Council and Secretariat to achieve UDIA’s strategic objectives and advocacy agenda.

How did UDIA NSW develop it’s draft Constitution?

This project has been overseen by UDIA NSW Council, the elected governing body of the Institute from the membership. A Steering Committee representing a broad cross section of our membership was developed to provide direct member feedback to Secretariat, assisted by Colin Biggers Paisley (CBP) who were appointed to provide legal and governance advice.
Council set the scope and remit of the project and the Steering Committee provided input on proposed and desired amendments. CBP took this feedback and fashioned it into technical clauses, in line with directive from Council and Secretariat. In the process, Secretariat conducted a peer review of current and accessible Constitutions for observation and comparison.

What is included in the proposed Constitution?

The proposed Constitution used the existing Articles of Association as the base document, and undertook significant changes to modernise the language and bring the governing clauses in line with contemporary corporate governance. A summary of the material changes has been provided by CBP.

How can members comment on the proposed Constitution?

Members can provide comments and feedback via email (udia@udiansw.com.au). Please note that only current financial members of UDIA NSW are eligible to provide feedback, and each submission will be verified to ensure that it originates from a UDIA NSW Member.

What is the process for ratifying the proposed Constitution?

The Constitution requires a special resolution to be passed at the 2021 UDIA NSW AGM, currently scheduled for 16th September. A copy of the final Constitution will be distributed with the AGM Agenda to eligible members.

Who can I speak to for further information?

Please contact Kit Hale on 02 8330 6907 and khale@udiansw.com.au


UDIA NSW Steering Committee

Ben McDonald (Bruce McDonald AM) – UDIA NSW Foundation President & Life Member
Brendan Maier – UDIA NSW Councillor
Emily McLaughlin – Young Leaders Committee
Holly Reynolds – Diversity & Inclusion Committee
Jacqueline Vozzo – UDIA NSW Councillor
Laurie Rose AM – UDIA NSW Past President and Life Member
Michael Corcoran – UDIA NSW & National Past President, UDIA NSW Life Member
Michael Sheargold – UDIA NSW Immediate Past President
Stephen McMahon – UDIA NSW President