A perennial issue for property development professionals is getting timely approvals for their projects – it can often be the difference to whether a project stacks up. This course will assist in better understanding how government authorities who approve developments operate and their particular responsibilities. UDIA members who have successfully worked with Government will also share their insights on how best to effectively and efficiently deal with government.

Course Information

Learning Outcomes
⇒ Understand how to achieve successful outcomes when dealing with government

⇒ Understand how organisations like the Department ofPlanning, Industry & Environment operate, andtheir responsibilities and approval processes fordevelopment

⇒ Understand how organisations like UDIA influence government policy and how you can contribute to these discussions

⇒ Identify the role of local government in development and how to use the process to get a speedy development approval

⇒ Understand the procedures and protocols which govern professional and ethical behaviour in the urban development industry

Who Should Attend?
Anyone involved in development of property including management, development managers, consultants, lawyers, real estate agents, and those new to the property industry in NSW.

Group Discount – Member Only Offer
Register four or more people to attend the full four-day course and receive a 10% discount. All registrations must be received by UDIA NSW at the same time.

Course Facilitator
The course is facilitated by Kevin Alker, founder of KAPS Property Consulting. Kevin has more than 30 years experience in the property industry, is a lecturer in masterplanned estates at UNSW and has held a number of senior positions in both the public and private sector. He is proficient in all aspects of property development.

Unique Learning Environment
Through applied knowledge, relevant and timely information the provision of practical examples, attendees are able to immediately apply what they learn in the classroom back in the office. Attendees are also given a unique opportunity to network with fellow attendees and guest presenters through our small group structure and networking group lunch.

CPD Points
If this course is relevant to your immediate or long term training needs you can claim CPD points. Please note that UDIA NSW does not award CPD points. Please contact your relevant association or certifying body to confirm how many CPD points this selected course would be awarded prior to registering.

Topics 1 – Influencing State and Federal Governments

⇒ The role of Industry Groups

⇒ The lobbyist

⇒ Influencing policy through media

Topics 2 – A Developer’s View: Dealing with Government

⇒ Identifying where government is involved (LG, Rail, Enviro, etc.)

⇒ Key issues to be resolved

⇒ Examples, solutions and pitfalls

Topic 3 – A Consultant’s View: Dealing with Government

⇒ Identifying what government agencies require

⇒ Negotiations

⇒ Lessons learnt

Topic 4 – Role of the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment

⇒ Department structure

⇒ What are their key responsibilities?

⇒ How to make representations and get a response

Topic 5 – Property Acquisitions from Government

⇒ Process for EOI/Tendering for Government owned land

⇒ Dealing with unsolicited offers

⇒ Suggestions on how to win Government work

Topic 6 – Dealing with Local Government

⇒ What are the responsibilities of local government?

⇒ What are foreign buyers’ responsibilities under foreign investment regulations?

⇒ What are property developers’ obligations? Are there exemptions? Are there thresholds? Penalties?

Topic 7 – What are the Responsibilities of Local Government?

⇒ How to ensure you have the best chance of securing an approval for your project

Topic 8 – Government and Firb for Foreign Buyers

⇒ What is the FIRB?

⇒ Who needs to report and what is the process?

⇒ What are some key suggestions to assist in the process?

Topic 9 – Independent Commission Against Corruption

⇒ The role of ICAC

⇒ Probity

⇒ Penalties