Linda Walsh, AVID Property Group
As the General Manager Marketing and Customer, I drive the strategic marketing and customer direction for AVID Property Group nationally.


What’s Your One Thing?
I am passionate about advocating for women in the workplace – no matter their age or specialisation. By providing opportunities and freedom of expression in every day work practices and special projects, we are able to showcase their skills and create a positive change to the business by acknowledging these valuable contributions.

Adel Miskovich, Frasers Property Australia

As the Communications & Marketing Manager, my role at Frasers Property Australia includes leading the corporate communications function, providing internal and external communications strategy and services, corporate marketing campaigns, thought leadership initiatives, public relations and crisis management.


What’s Your One Thing?

It’s a stark reality that 1 in 5 Australian workers have experienced a mental health condition such as depression or anxiety in the past 12 months; and up to half of us won’t disclose our condition to our managers. My One Thing is to drive the shift in the conversations we have in our workplace from “how are you?” to “how are you feeling?”, so we can smash the stigma surrounding mental health.

Belinda Bentley, 9Springs

Founding Director specialising in asset and portfolio strategy, transactions and client-side development management across a range of sectors.


What’s Your One Thing?

To change the misconception that diversity only relates to gender and promote and respect all forms of diversity (e.g. sexual orientation, culture, disability, mental health, age). To lead by example and call out disrespectful unconscious/conscious behaviour and eliminate the ‘clique’.

Darren Gorrel, Gough Recruitment

As the Principal Consultant, I am responsible for the management of our developer client base with the main goal being to identify and deliver the best talent available within the residential, commercial, industrial, retail and retirement sectors.


What’s Your One Thing?

My one thing is to promote diversity & inclusion in the recruitment space with the aim to provide EQUAL opportunities for everyone.

Doris Li, BHL Group

As the head of HR, I am responsible for developing and implementing HR strategy to support the achievement of the Group’s strategic and operational objectives.


What’s Your One Thing?

At BHL we embrace diversity and inclusion in recruitment – by recruiting professionals from a range of backgrounds at all levels of seniority, businesses gain access to a wide variety of viewpoints and perspectives. Being an equal opportunity employer means that we provide the same opportunities for hiring, advancement and benefits to everyone without discriminating due to protected characteristics such as age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, disability or medical history.

Holly Brennan, AVID Property Group

As the National Sales Manager, my role is to spearhead the direction of the sales function, and to develop a cohesive and market-leading sales force capable of driving revenue outcomes from AVID’s state-based development projects.


What’s Your One Thing?

My “One Thing” is bringing the awareness of Unconscious Bias to the forefront of discussions around Diversity and Inclusion. Unconscious Bias spans all aspects of diversity, including gender, age, race, and sexual orientation, and by putting this on the radar we can increase a sense of inclusiveness within property industry.

Holly Reynolds, Left Field Communications

As the Founder and Managing Director of Left Field Communications, I lead an energised team to support changemakers for good in our industry by helping to create relevant and impactful communications and engagement opportunities at every stage of the planning and development lifecycle.


What’s Your One Thing?

I believe it takes a village to create a village, and I’m passionate about learning from and helping to lead our next generation of changemakers. My #onething is to continue to challenge myself and my team to keep learning and keep disrupting the notion of ‘the norm’. For me, diversity is the richness of life, and we can’t achieve inclusion without understanding and valuing our differences in all their forms.

Jennifer Sweeney, Landcom

As the Strategic Communications Manager, I am responsible for corporate messaging.


What’s Your One Thing?

At Landcom, we believe that to fulfil our purpose to create more affordable and sustainable communities we need our workforce to reflect the diversity of the communities we serve. We value diversity and enable all of our people to bring their “whole self” to work and fully contribute to the best of their ability. Landcom is proud to have won the UDIA NSW Diversity & Inclusion Award for Excellence in 2020.

Jona Lucas, Indesco

As a Civil and Environmental Engineer, I am working predominately in medium to large scale high rise residential apartments, aged care, industrial, commerical, schools and greenfield residential subdivisions.


What’s Your One Thing?

I continue to mentor young women in STEM at UTS and UNSW to bridge the gap between the industry and university.

Jude Wild, OptiComm

As the National Product Manager – MDU/State Sales Manager NSW/ACT, I am responsible for a high energy sales team to sell the installation of infrastructure for Broadband services into greenfield residential developments for MDU and Masterplan Communities.


What’s Your One Thing?

Consciously surrounding ourselves with people of diverse perspectives who can safely disagree with others without fear or retaliation.

Kaitlin Rideout, Lendlease

As the Development Manager, I am responsible for overseeing the Bingara Gorge project strategy, deliverables and feasibility.


What’s Your One Thing?

Lendlease is about creating places where people feel comfortable in their environment, allowing us all to be the best we can be. Our global inclusion strategy is focused on embedding flexible work; achieving gender equity; and building an inclusive workplace.

Katherine Hewlett, Lendlease

As NSW State Sales Manager, my purpose is empowerment and inspiration to drive performance, generate profit whilst creating market leading products.


What’s Your One Thing?

Lendlease is about creating places where people feel comfortable in their environment, allowing us all to be the best we can be. Our global inclusion strategy is focused on embedding flexible work; achieving gender equity; and building an inclusive workplace.

Lesley Bull, Ethos Urban

As the Group Director People Support, Culture & Change, I am responsible for building a diverse, inclusive and high performing Ethos Urban team through organisational development, succession planning, talent acquisition and L&D.


What’s Your One Thing?

Nobody should fail to reach their potential due to interference based on their gender, sexuality or mental health.  Diversity brings challenge and challenge creates greatness.  My One Thing is to actively seek out and help celebrate the nugget of gold each person holds within themselves.

Mal Brown, Northrop Consulting Engineers
As the Senior Environmental Engineer, responsible for building relationships with clients and forming teams to deliver city-building projects.


What’s Your One Thing?
My One Thing around Diversity and Inclusion is that I am on a journey of discovering my potential to model inclusive behaviour and leadership.

Marcus Skeggs, DisplaySweet
As the Account Manager, I am responsible for new and existing business in the NSW and ACT markets. Working across residential and commercial off the plan projects.


What’s Your One Thing?
I’m a board member of Queers In Property. We are an independent network, connecting LGBTIQ+ people in the property and construction industry or visibilityempowerment and professional support.

Melina Da Prato

What’s Your One Thing?

I’m an advocate for change, acceptance and progression within our industry. I want to join the conversation and spread awareness of some of the unconscious/conscious biases within in property.

I’m also particularly passionate about increasing representation of women and multicultural voices within the development industry. A majority of greenfield developments are situated in Western Sydney and as a proud resident of one of these communities I want to encourage developers to be able to represent the diverse voices of their customers.

Ros Reidy, Sydney Water

As the Head of Diversity and Inclusion I support the delivery of Sydney Water’s diversity and inclusion plan and develop programs and initiatives that supports a high performance culture where diverse perspectives and views are valued.


What’s Your One Thing?

My one thing is to see how we can integrate diversity and inclusion into the way we do things at Sydney Water –  from our behaviours, structures and systems, to supporting high-performing and diverse thinking teams.

Sarah Langbridge, Brickworks Building Products

As the Business Development Consultant, I am responsible for influencing the long-term sustainable growth of the Brickworks Building Products group, by gaining specifications for products on high-volume and iconic projects. A passion for building, nurturing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships within the industry.


What’s Your One Thing?

Brickworks have launched a new sustainability strategy, “Build for Living: Towards 2025” to help us deliver a positive impact for our stakeholders and to ensure we continue to have a positive environmental and social impact. As part of this commitment, we will Develop and implement a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and stretch target: 35% female senior executives.

Brendan Maier, Colin Biggers & Paisley

As a Partner at Colin Biggers & Paisley, I specialise in mixed use strata and land development, property acquisitions and disposals especially option agreements, project delivery agreements, planning agreements and leasing.


What’s Your One Thing?

My one thing is to recognise and allow my feelings. My best self nurtures me, allowing me to act with compassion and integrity. I work to manifest this by getting the hardest things done first every morning.

Susan Hancock, Strata Republic

As the Business Development Manager, I am responsible for the growth of our company portfolio and maintaining the strong reputation of Strata Republic.  A big part of my role is working with Developers and their teams to oversee all strata requirements in the setup of their projects and ensure a smooth transition at completion.


What’s Your One Thing?

When considering diversity and inclusion, it is important to recognise that the respect of others regardless of any differences has a huge part to play in ensuring equality for all.  The use of respectful and inclusive language is the first step to encouraging others to contribute and feel valued, and it is the simplest way to reinforce the practice of inclusion across all areas of life.