Building and Development Certifier Act

The Building and Development Certifiers Act and Regulation commences 1 July as the new legislation to regulate certifiers, including what is required to be included in a contract for certification work. This Act also made amendments to the Home Building Act related to building contracts. 

Among the changes, any contract for certification work must now include a prescribed information sheet published by Fair Trading. Similarly, before entering into certain contracts for building/specialist work, the builder/contractor must provide the client with prescribed information about certifiers, published by Fair Trading. 

These information sheets will soon be published on our website. In the meantime, they are attached for your information – there are five information sheets for certifiers, depending on the type of work being done, and one for builders/contractors.  

There is also a six-month grace period for practitioners to comply with the new requirements. During this time, Fair Trading’s approach will focus on education, although practitioners are still expected to take steps to comply as soon as practicable. 

Further information is available from Fair Trading