A financial feasibility analysis can help to identify whether your proposed development will be a financial success or a failure. It will highlight potential problems or risk you may face along the way enabling you to undertake sensitivity analysis to better understand the risks. This systematic  method of taking into account all projected costs and income provides clear direction to ensure a successful financial outcome for a project.

Stage 1: An Overview

Course Overview
Run as a practical workshop, the stage 1 course provides attendees with a basic understanding of how to conduct a financial feasibility study. Attendees will be taken through the theory of discounted cash flow and terms used including IRR, PV and NPV. This course also introduces attendees to a lead software package, ARGUS EstateMaster through data input.

Who Should Attend Stage 1?
This course is designed for those with limited industry experience, with technical backgrounds, or those who work with developers and want to have a better understanding of the development and feasibility process.

Learning Outcomes for Stage 1
⇒ Introduction to operating ARGUS EstateMaster

⇒ Understand the theory behind discounted cash flow

⇒ Understand the key performance indicators used when assessing the profitability and economic viability of a development project e.g. IRR, ROI, ROE

⇒ Identify different finance options, sources and terms

⇒ Understand methods for determining land price

⇒ Identify and find relevant data for your analysis

Stage 2: Applied

Course Overview
Run as a practical workshop, the stage 2 course will take attendees through the practical application of financial feasibility to a selected site using ARGUS EstateMaster software. Attendees will receive instruction from three experts as to how the information needed for a feasibility study can be derived. Attendees will source and input information into the ARGUS EstateMaster software on dwelling sizes, sales rates and construction costs.

Who Should Attend Stage 2?
This course is designed for those with intermediate industry experience, with technical backgrounds, or who have completed Financial Feasibility Stage 1: An Overview focusing on the ARGUS EstateMaster software.

Learning Outcomes for Stage 2
⇒ Enhance your skills to operate ARGUS EstateMaster

⇒ How to source relevant information to input for a feasibility analysis

⇒ How to practically use and apply this information and competencies gained in stage 1

⇒ How to stress test your project

⇒ Understand methods for determining land price


Additional Course Information

Course Fees

Member Course Fees:
UDIA NSW Member Registration: $825

Non-Member Course Fees:
Non-Member Registration: $995

Group Discount – Member Only Offer
Register four or more people to attend the full four-day course and receive a 10% discount. All registrations must be received by UDIA NSW at the same time.

Course Facilitator
The course is facilitated by Kevin Alker, founder of KAPS Property Consulting. Kevin has more than 30 years experience in the property industry, is a lecturer in masterplanned estates at UNSW and has held a number of senior positions in both the public and private sector. He is proficient in all aspects of property development.

Unique Learning Environment
Through applied knowledge, relevant and timely information the provision of practical examples, attendees are able to immediately apply what they learn in the classroom back in the office. Attendees are also given a unique opportunity to network with fellow attendees and guest presenters through our small group structure and networking group lunch.

CPD Points
If this course is relevant to your immediate or long term training needs you can claim CPD points. Please note that UDIA NSW does not award CPD points. Please contact your relevant association or certifying body to confirm how many CPD points this selected course would be awarded prior to registering.

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