Foreshore Lake Macquarie is a mixed-use development, located in a prime waterfront position for residents to enjoy views over Lake Macquarie. Offering 37 units, comprising of one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments. There are 3 commercial spaces, which total 424m2. The development completion date is April 2021.

The local market is unique with its demand for waterfront apartments, ie. local downsizers. The unit mix and type were designed with this in mind, with initially a significant number of larger 3-bedroom units.

The overall density is very low (only 1.10:1 FSR), lower than the allowable planning control. This has allowed a luxurious, boutique feel to the project, with apartments cross ventilated and exceeding solar access requirements.

Point of difference, alongside the luxury design, a display suite was built on site to display the interiors for buyers. Interested parties were invited to a VIP event, where they submitted their preferred units to purchase. VIP Purchasers exchanged on the night, with $20m of sales achieved.

The site is located on the edge of the town centre zoning and was a disused boat sales and maintenance facility for 50 years. Managing the interface with the low density residential surrounding the site was a challenge. The urban design evolved, creating a cluster of low-rise buildings with a shared communal podium, to manage the local DCP and to step the building height down to integrate into the local surrounding built form and manage view impacts to neighbouring sites. The DA Approval process took over 2 years.

Being a waterfront location, the development required dealings with RMS for the transfer of a lease over crown land. A salvage excavation of aboriginal artefacts and AHIP was also required, with artefacts now catalogued and reburied on site.

Judges Comments

The Foreshore is a well-deserved winner of this award. The judges were impressed with how well the development relates to the adjoining public spaces including the Lake Macquarie foreshore. The design incorporated several buildings creating strategic view corridors and welcoming open spaces for the residents. The development incorporated a subtle nautical theme to reflect the lakeside setting. The judges were also impressed with the range and variety of dwelling types and the high standard of construction and finishes.