One-On-One with Andrew Dawes

By the UDIA NSW Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Andrew’s company, Enspire, is a Sydney-based Civil Engineering and Project Management Consultancy that intends to seriously transform the definition of great consulting. Its vision is to improve the quality and life experiences of its team, clients and the people that live in the communities it creates. Being a relatively new business, Andrew and the Enspire team have been able to make diversity and inclusion a fundamental part of the way that they do business. When they’re recruiting, it’s all about finding the right person for business—it could be someone who is seven months pregnant, someone from a different country with no local experience, someone who is fresh out of university or someone with years of experience that they have worked with before.


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One-On-One with Margaret Maljkovic

By Belinda Bentley, 9Springs

Everyone has a right to a safe and secure home. But right now, for many different, complex and often unexpected reasons, more than 100,000 Australians have no place to call home. Around a third of those are in New South Wales. With a shortfall of almost 200,000 social and affordable homes across the state, community housing providers like Link Wentworth, are working hard to meet demand.
Belinda Bentley, a member of the UDIA NSW Diversity & Inclusion Committee, reached out to Link Wentworth’s Chief Customer Officer Margaret Maljkovich, to get her view on the role of the property industry in the fight to end homelessness.


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One-On-One with Stephanie Partridge

By Heidi Crawford, AT&L

Encouraging young people, especially girls, to see the great opportunities in the property industry and then helping them to grow and succeed is essential to a thriving business, says Stephanie Partridge from Goodman in Sydney. In this interview, Stephanie joins Heidi Crawford, a member of the UDIA NSW Diversity & Inclusion Committee, to chat about seeing tangible outcomes of your work, the lessons of leadership, how being a development manager is similar to being a conductor, cutting through red tape and the positive impact of female leaders on the wider industry.


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One-On-One with Sarah Davis

By Linda Walsh, AVID Property Group

Moving forward from gender-isolated change, organisations are creating new opportunities to embrace diversity and inclusion in our industry, says Sarah Davis from Construction Assignments and Cotterill Capital. Sarah joins Linda Walsh, UDIA NSW Councillor and member of the UDIA NSW Diversity & Inclusion Committee and speaks frankly about the importance of leadership, respect and kindness in the workplace and our industry.


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One-On-One with Vy Nguyen

By Jennifer Sweeney, Landcom

“You get the best outcome in work and life when you collaborate… I’m all about creating an environment where everyone is comfortable to voice their ideas towards the best possible solution,” says Vy Nguyen. Vy joins Jennifer Sweeney, a member of the UDIA NSW Diversity & Inclusion Committee and explores ideas of leadership and building a more supportive culture at work.


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