Placemaking should be a critical consideration in any development. When urban design is done well, it adds layers of interest and vitality to a project, produces healthy outcomes for users and residents, and creates a commercial edge in the marketplace. For developers, this distinguishes individual projects from competitors and translates to higher price points. It also enhances an organisation’s reputation in the community.

Course Information

Learning Outcomes
⇒ Understand the theory of placemaking and successful place creation

⇒ Understand reasons why urban design and placemaking needs to be on the agenda for any development

⇒ Identify the practical steps for when and how to apply place thinking

⇒ Having insight into the social and economic benefits that can be achieved

⇒ Identifying regional and international best practice examples of creating value through place and urban design

Who Should Attend?
Everyone who seeks to deliver a quality urban outcome through development is encouraged to attend this course. This includes development managers, asset owners, town planners, architects, urban designers, landscape professionals, quantity surveyors, project managers, financiers, marketers and other industry professionals, whether working in the private sector or local government.

Attendees will gain an understanding of the theory of placemaking and successful place creation and reasons why placemaking needs to be on the agenda for any development. Attendees will also gain insight into the social and economic benefits that can be achieved.

Group Discount – Member Only Offer
Register four or more people and receive a 10% discount. All registrations must be received by UDIA NSW at the same time.

Course Facilitator
The course is facilitated by Kevin Alker, founder of KAPS Property Consulting. Kevin has more than 30 years experience in the property industry, is a lecturer in masterplanned estates at UNSW and has held a number of senior positions in both the public and private sector. He is proficient in all aspects of property development.

Unique Learning Environment
Through applied knowledge, relevant and timely information the provision of practical examples, attendees are able to immediately apply what they learn in the classroom back in the office. Attendees are also given a unique opportunity to network with fellow attendees and guest presenters through our small group structure and networking group lunch.

CPD Points
If this course is relevant to your immediate or long term training needs you can claim CPD points. Please note that UDIA NSW does not award CPD points. Please contact your relevant association or certifying body to confirm how many CPD points this selected course would be awarded prior to registering.


Course Speakers

⇒ Andy Hoyne, Principal, Hoyne Design

⇒ Emeritus Prof. Jon Lang, Architecture, Urban Development & Design, UNSW

⇒ Craig Allchin, Urban Design Director, Ethos Urban

⇒ Prof. Susan Thompson, UNSW School of Town Planning

⇒ David Head, Senior Urban Designer, Mirvac

⇒ David Moreton, Regional General Manager, The GPT Group