Submission on the Review of clause 4.6 Standard Instrument LEP

DPIE is reviewing the way clause 4.6 of the Standard Instrument LEP operates in considering variations to planning controls. UDIA is supportive of the flexibility that clause 4.6 provides and agrees that it is worthwhile reviewing the approach, and whether it is achieving the desired goals and could it be improved. DPIE has proposed a change whereby variations would have to show an improved planning outcome in order to be approved. UDIA opposes the proposed change, on the basis it would only create more uncertainty and lack of understanding throughout the planning system. Our submission outlines our concerns and examples from members’ experience where adjustments to clause 4.6 would be justified, as well as recommendations to improve the utilisation of clause 4.6 where appropriate.

Submission on Review of Clause 4.6 Standard Instrument LEP