UDIA NSW Submission on the Drainage Management for Aerotropolis and Mamre Road Precincts Draft

UDIA appreciates the work done by Sydney Water to develop a framework to better manage the drainage network at the Aerotropolis and Mamre Road precincts. We understand that drainage management is an important planning vision for this key growth area, however, there are significant unresolved matters that need to be addressed before this framework can be fully embraced.

One issue is the overall funding mechanism under the Development Service Plan (DSP) proposal as compared to other contributions that are yet to be resolved in the Productivity Commissions reform package 2021, in particular, local contributions and their impact on development feasibilities. We are also concerned about the timely assessment of future development proposals, especially since the framework is still largely conceptual and the proposed water and wastewater infrastructure solutions are long term. UDIA supports sustainable urban development, and we are eager to work with CN on initiatives to protect our environment, including by reducing dependence on petrol cars. Importantly, we believe the benefits of any such initiatives must take into careful consideration their impacts onhousing supply. UDIA has concerns with the car parking rate for 2-bedroom apartments as well as the EV charging requirements and would like to work with CN to address those.

To address our principal concerns, UDIA offers eight recommendations, and our submission provides supporting commentary.

UDIA NSW Submission on the on the Drainage Management for Aerotropolis and Mamre Road Precincts Draft