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Submission on Central Coast Draft Tuggerah to Wyong Economic Corridor Strategy

UDIA is encouraged that Council has undertaken the work to draft a Tuggerah to Wyong Economic Corridor Strategy. However, while in general we don’t disagree with the Directions and Actions included in the draft Strategy, we believe it does not go far enough to articulate and support the outstanding economic potential of this Corridor which would benefit the region as a whole.

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Submission on Maitland Draft LSPS

UDIA recommends a clearer monitoring and review schedule; an update once the Local Housing Strategy is finalised; annual reports of the MUSS; more expansive consideration of the existing rail line; utilisation of the Aboriginal Land SEPP; implementation of ‘Better Placed’ as a principle and design framework; engagement with industry in the preparation of upcoming strategies including Economic Development, Environmental, Centres, and Industrial and Employment Lands strategies; and collaboration with industry to address current infrastructure needs.

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Submission on the draft IPART Report on Sydney Water Pricing 2020

UDIA believes this draft decision may overlook the temporary nature of the current respite from severe drought as a result of recent rainfall, the constrained nature of the existing infrastructure, and the immediate demand for the Prospect to Macarthur Link to supply current and ongoing growth in Western Sydney.

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Submission on the draft Cessnock City Wide (s7.11) Local Infrastructure Contributions

UDIA offers recommendations to improve the draft:

Provide supporting documentation to explain rate calculations.
Extend the draft Plan to 2036 to align with the time horizons of the LSPS, HRP and Metro Plan.
Adopt 2019 DPIE population, dwelling and household size projections.
Provide timing for delivery of infrastructure items.
Accelerate the delivery of local infrastructure from existing funds.
Clarify assumptions on land acquisition funding.

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Submission on the draft Wollondilly Tree Management Policy

UDIA supports the intent and objectives of the Policy, and both State and Local governments’ vision for a greener Western Sydney. However, we have concerns with some aspects of the Policy and make the following recommendations:

Recommendation 1: Review the design guidelines, particularly on street tree location in verges.
Recommendation 2: Remove the prohibition in Part 4.6 on removing trees where they may cause damage to property (both Council and private property) and solar panels among other matters.
Recommendation 3: Ensure consistency with the Exempt an Complying Provisions of the Codes SEPP 2008 and Wollondilly LEP.

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Submission on the draft Wollongong City Centre Urban Design Framework

We are very pleased to see Council identifying the key issues currently constraining the city centre, and proposing reform to address these issues. We are supportive of the proposals to strengthen the retail core, improve permeability, green the city and protect solar access.
Our primary concerns with the Framework are:
• The proposed commercial-only precincts and the impact on development feasibility and renewal in these areas of the city centre.
• The proposed reductions in floor space ratio and/or height of buildings in various precincts of the city based on subjective ‘place’ criteria.
• The proposed leveraging of development to fund public domain improvements and affordable housing supply without additional uplift to support development feasibility.
• The proposed expansion of the Design Review Panel process, the expansion of key sites, and the application of a design excellence competition to these key sites, which will add unnecessary complexity, delay and expense to renewing the city centre.

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