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Submission to Draft Shoalhaven LSPS

UDIA commends Council for preparing a draft LSPS that is concise and retains a flexible approach to managing future growth, as well as supporting housing diversity and affordability. We have some minor concerns with the draft LSPS, including the need for clearer action on infrastructure servicing in urban release areas. We are also concerned by […]

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Submission to Draft Housing Strategy Discussion Paper

UDIA NSW makes the following overarching recommendations: 1. UDIA NSW strongly recommends the NSW Government commit to ongoing consultation and engagement with the industry in the preparation of the Strategy before its finalisation. 2. The status of the Strategy needs to be defined, and roles and responsibilities for implementing the Strategy require clarity. 3. The […]

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Submission to Camden LEP Stage 1 Amendment

UDIA is concerned by the proposed introduction of new clauses and associated maps for Environmentally Sensitive Land – Terrestrial Biodiversity and Riparian land and Watercourses for the following reasons: – The maps are based on outdated and low resolution maps that are used for other purposes and are not intended for use in the way […]

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Submission to Central Sydney Planning Strategy

UDIA NSW makes this submission into the Draft Central Sydney Planning Strategy. Many of our members have made direct submissions in relation to the strategy, and this submission aims to synthesise the key issues within the Central Sydney Planning Strategy and highlight the broad concerns that our members have with the Strategy. The Strategy has […]

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Submission to the Wollongong Housing and Affordable Housing Options Paper

UDIA believes that applying an Affordable Housing Contributions Scheme under SEPP 70 in the Wollongong LGA (without providing additional incentives or upzoning) would increase the cost base of market housing. This would add to the pressure on housing affordability, rather than improve it. UDIA supports an incentive-based approach to promote the development of Affordable Housing […]

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Submission to the Flood Prone Land Package

The existing flood risk planning regime, including the NSW Floodplain Development Manual, is widely accepted and works well. The 1:100 AEP plus freeboard has been accepted by the NSW community over several decades as the appropriate level for managing flood risk, unless there are exceptional circumstances. In the vast majority of NSW, insurance – not […]

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