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UDIA NSW Submission to Draft Lower Hunter Water Security Plan

UDIA supports the draft Plan in general. UDIA calls on Hunter Water to provide more transparency on how the Plan will be funded, and to continue its close engagement with the development sector as it considers initiatives to align water planning with land use planning including the potential for recycled water in new housing estates. 

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UDIA NSW Submission to Newcastle Draft Development Contributions Plans

UDIA does not oppose the introduction of a s7.11 plan for Newcastle CBD, although we are always concerned by any increase in the rate of development contributions and the impact on housing affordability. We do have concerns, particularly with the works schedule and the application of the new plans to Section 4.55 modifications.

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UDIA NSW Submission to the Housing SEPP

UDIA has been a strong supporter of the policy to provide diverse housing opportunities through simplified planning pathways and incentives, however the draft Housing SEPP as exhibited appears contrary to this intent, with the proposed standards and reduced incentives likely to have a detrimental impact on feasibility for diverse, affordable and seniors housing models. UDIA […]

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UDIA NSW Submission to the Regional Housing Taskforce

UDIA’s submission details our recommendations under three focus areas: • Establish cross-government coordination to deliver more housing supply • Accelerate housing delivery • Create a sustainable housing pipeline

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UDIA NSW Submission on Draft Macquarie Park Place Strategy

UDIA are supportive of the aims of the strategy to transform Macquarie Park into a diverse innovation and collaboration district, increasing the areas attractiveness as a place to do business, study and invest in. However, UDIA believes that the Draft Strategy as exhibited fails to grasp the opportunity that revitalising Macquarie Park presents to the […]

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UDIA NSW Submission on Amendment to Chapter D16 of the Wollongong Development Control Plan – West Dapto Urban Release Area

UDIA support the review of the neighbourhood planning process by Wollongong City Council, which has presented additional challenges to industry for the delivery of greenfield housing. Recognising that other councils in the region do not have similar processes, this additional planning layer is stymieing development at the West Dapto Urban Release Area, which in the […]

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