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UDIA NSW Submission to Newcastle DCP Stage 1 update

UDIA supports sustainable urban development, and we are eager to work with CN on initiatives to protect our environment, including by reducing dependence on petrol cars. Importantly, we believe the benefits of any such initiatives must take into careful consideration their impacts on housing supply. UDIA has concerns with the car parking rate for 2-bedroom […]

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UDIA NSW Submission to Central Coast Draft LEP Amendment Request Policy

The NSW planning system is highly complex and difficult to navigate, even for experienced proponents. We therefore appreciate Council’s effort to provide clarity on its policy framework for requests to amend its LEP, including planning proposals, and we agree that a clear policy is the first step to enable efficient assessment. We offer recommendations to […]

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UDIA NSW Submission on the Penrith City Council Local Housing Strategy and Rural Lands Strategy

While we support the Penrith Housing Strategy, we believe that there are several specific opportunities to address the housing crisis and provide more affordable and diverse housing options in the strategically significant Penrith City LGA.

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UDIA NSW Submission on the 2022 NSW Flood Inquiry

UDIA welcomes this opportunity to comment on the NSW Independent Flood Inquiry announced by the NSW Government in March 2022. UDIA maintains that the current NSW flood planning framework provides an appropriate risk-based approach to the assessment of flood risk in NSW, and we are supportive of its continued operation in NSW. The submission further […]

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UDIA NSW Submission on Proposed BCF Charge System Method

The NSW Government has acknowledged that the biodiversity offsets scheme should be improved to bring more certainty and transparency of pricing and is undertaking important and significant work in an attempt to reduce the price volatility under the BCF specifically. The new methodology offers potential improvements in that regard. Unfortunately, UDIA does not support the […]

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UDIA NSW Submission on the Bays West Stage 1 Masterplan

Bays West is the last significant urban renewal site on Sydney Harbour. A stones throw to the Sydney CBD, the emerging Pyrmont Peninsula, new fish market redevelopment site and easy access to the inner west suburbs of Broadway, Glebe, Annandale, Lilyfield and Balmain. It represents an immense opportunity for our city and state to create […]

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