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Submission on draft Strategic Guide to Planning for Natural Hazards

UDIA’s submission recommends additional steps needed to provide meaningful and needed practical guidance on how to integrate the myriad of resources related to planning for natural hazards and determine ‘acceptable risk’.

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Submission on the Newcastle draft Community Infrastructure Incentive Policy

UDIA appreciates the council’s efforts to enhance the delivery of community infrastructure to support urban renewal in the City of Newcastle. We acknowledge the opportunities to enrich the liveability of the city, particularly in areas targeted for increased density, by working with the development industry through an incentives regime. To achieve the intended beneficial outcomes, […]

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Submission on the Review of clause 4.6 Standard Instrument LEP

DPIE is reviewing the way clause 4.6 of the Standard Instrument LEP operates in considering variations to planning controls. UDIA is supportive of the flexibility that clause 4.6 provides and agrees that it is worthwhile reviewing the approach, and whether it is achieving the desired goals and could it be improved. DPIE has proposed a […]

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Submission on the IPART Review of the Rate Peg to Include Population Growth

Council rate pegging has been a key UDIA policy focus for many years and we support the review by IPART. UDIA supports this proposal to provide better quality council services to their communities through the rate peg amendment. This is crucial as some council’s, especially those experiencing population growth, object to development due to the […]

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Pre Budget Submission

The urban development sector in NSW is an essential industry that contributed 7.2% of the NSW economy pre-covid and supports around 135,000 jobs. We are an essential economic bridge to the post COVID-19 recovery. Our pre-budget submission shows that both greenfield and apartment markets face significant challenges with a loss of between $28bn and $50bn […]

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Submission on Parramatta Contributions Plan (Outside CBD)

UDIA supports in-principle the levying of contributions to provide for services and infrastructure. UDIA also supports process improvements by Council to create a single, consolidated and new Section 7.11 Contributions Plan that will provide for the infrastructure needs of future residents and workers outside the Parramatta CBD. UDIA contends that the levies under the new […]

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