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Submission to Rhodes East Precinct Plan

UDIA supports the Department’s master plan approach for the Rhodes precinct where it prioritises active transport, integrated infrastructure and density with a human scale. UDIA supports the recognition of affordable housing as critical infrastructure as a foundational policy statement and one of the top objectives of the Strategy listed as Objective 4. UDIA NSW holds […]

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Submission to Bayside Council Local Housing Strategy

Bayside’s draft Housing Strategy has been developed to plan and guide housing development in the Bayside LGA until 2036. The proposed Strategy contains many good initiatives, however UDIA contends that there are further considerations for generating housing supply which need to be addressed.

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Submission to draft Cumberland Plain Conservation Plan

UDIA has been a key proponent for strategic biodiversity certification (biocertification) in Western Sydney for over a decade, believing that the strategic process would create a fast and transparent method to meet biodiversity obligations in a more affordable manner. Finalising the Cumberland Plain Conservation Plan is a necessary step to support the growth of the […]

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Submission to Newcastle Draft Local Housing Strategy

UDIA generally supports the Objectives and Actions of the draft Local Housing Strategy, while recommending improvements particularly around housing diversity and affordable housing.

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Submission to Productivity Commission Green Paper

The Green Paper released by the NSW Productivity Commissioner includes a suite of draft recommendations that will help shape discussion on how the Government can cut red tape, streamline  regulation, make it easier to do business and boost lagging productivity. UDIA’s comments build upon the specific recommendations that we made to the Issues Paper, however we […]

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Submission to Housing Diversity SEPP EIE

DPIE exhibited an Explanation of Intended Effect (EIE) for a proposed new State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) that aims to facilitate the delivery of diverse housing that meets the needs of the State’s growing population and will support the development of a build-to-rent sector. The proposed Housing Diversity State Environmental Planning Policy (Housing Diversity SEPP) […]

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