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Submission on Design & Place SEPP Explanation of Intended Effect

UDIA supports the effort to develop a principle-based approach to creating a high-quality urban fabric through consistent, transparent and rigorous processes. We also support the stated intention of consolidating and streamlining planning policies and guidelines related to design, and the proposed Principles outlined in the EIE. These aspirations are positive and overdue. Nevertheless, at this […]

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Submission on Strengthening the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme

Changes to the Biodiversity Offset Scheme and Calculator should focus on providing industry with more certainty, increase the supply of available credits and improve government’s understanding of the development sector’s commercial needs. UDIA has expressed concern from the start about the complexity, unpredictability, and opacity of pricing under the Biodiversity Conservation Trust. We appreciate this […]

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Submission on Central Coast Council Draft Works in Kind Policies

UDIA values the constructive relationship with Central Coast Council (Council) and our members on policies that impact the development sector. We are pleased that Council is undertaking this review to provide more clarity around the WIKA process. Our members have reported recent delays in processing WIKAs at Council which have constrained their ability to deliver […]

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Submission on on Statutory Review of the NSW Strata Schemes Laws

UDIA noted the the current objectives of the Acts are still valid and relevant to contemporary practice. UDIA noted overall support of the Act as currently drafted as the legislation is enabling a balance of interests to work well.

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Submission on Central Coast Council Policy on DA Functions

UDIA appreciates the draft Policy’s aim to streamline the Development Application (DA) assessment process at Central Coast Council. However, we have strong concerns that the intent of the Policy could be lost in its implementation due to certain elements of its structure. Our submission outlines these concerns and offers the recommendations to alleviate potential negative […]

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Joint Peak Body Group Submission on the Western Sydney Aerotropolis Draft Precinct Plans

UDIA contributed to a joint submission with Property Council of Australia, Business Western Sydney and the Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue supporting the metropolitan planning vision for Sydney to create 30-minute cities that provide jobs close to where people live. This is especially relevant to the Western Parkland City that will provide up to 185,000 dwellings […]

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