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UDIA NSW Submission on Draft Macquarie Park Place Strategy

UDIA are supportive of the aims of the strategy to transform Macquarie Park into a diverse innovation and collaboration district, increasing the areas attractiveness as a place to do business, study and invest in. However, UDIA believes that the Draft Strategy as exhibited fails to grasp the opportunity that revitalising Macquarie Park presents to the […]

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UDIA NSW Submission on Amendment to Chapter D16 of the Wollongong Development Control Plan – West Dapto Urban Release Area

UDIA support the review of the neighbourhood planning process by Wollongong City Council, which has presented additional challenges to industry for the delivery of greenfield housing. Recognising that other councils in the region do not have similar processes, this additional planning layer is stymieing development at the West Dapto Urban Release Area, which in the […]

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UDIA NSW Submission on Penrith Green Grid Strategy

UDIA support measures by Council to deliver an interconnecting network of open space that will keep the city cool, encourage healthy living, enhance biodiversity, and ensure ecological resilience. However, UDIA suggest that Council should address some areas of concerns before any planning policies are made, which may result in additional financial burdens placed upon development, […]

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UDIA NSW Submission on Draft Penrith Employment Lands Strategy

UDIA are encouraged by the Council and community choice to prioritise growth of the local economy, attract investment to the city and ensure a greater number of diverse jobs and businesses can be located closer to Penrith’s growing population, and further commend Council’s acknowledgement that employment generation needs to be supported throughout your local government […]

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UDIA NSW Submission on Wickham Masterplan Update 2021

UDIA is pleased that the review of the WMP seeks to address the realistic development potential and the feasibility of sites in Wickham. We offer recommendations related to addressing the mine subsidence and density issues facing the inner city of Newcastle.

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UDIA NSW Submission on Employment Zones Reform

UDIA NSW strongly supports the intent of the Employment Zones Reform to move toward a more strategic led planning system, reduce the number of employment zones (business and industrial), improve consistency in the application of the zoning framework, increase opportunities for mixed use development supporting the way communities wish to live and businesses want to […]

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