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UDIA NSW Submission on the Discussion Paper: A new approach to rezoning

UDIA supports the intent of the reforms to introduce a more consistent, timely and transparent rezoning process. Any improvements to the process which will make NSW more competitive and ensure the efficient delivery of land for housing and employment is supported. However, the Discussion Paper fails to deal with the fundamental issue facing the rezoning […]

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UDIA NSW Pre Budget Submission

NSW is facing a deep housing supply and affordability crisis. It has the most expensive housing in Australia and some of the most expensive in the world. NSW is more expensive than other states because of the lack of supply of new homes. Over a long period, NSW has failed to build enough homes for […]

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UDIA NSW Submission on Infrastructure SEPP

UDIA commend DPE for undertaking this review, to improve planning processes that lead to greater efficiencies for infrastructure delivery, which is critical to support growth and meet the housing supply and jobs needs of NSW. The review is consistent with our “Make Planning Work” policy initiative, which advocates for the substantial reform of the NSW […]

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UDIA NSW Submission on Draft SSAL Map

UDIA is concerned that the mapping of State Significant Agricultural Land will be used for the assessment of planning proposals to meet the housing supply and jobs needs of NSW and therefore needs to be precise to avoid conflicts that would ultimately undermine housing supply and affordability. We provide examples of anomalies and recommend that: […]

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UDIA NSW Submission on Infrastructure Contributions Reform

UDIA welcomes this opportunity to provide a submission to the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) on the Infrastructure Contributions Reform Package. To help inform our position with the Reform Package we have established a UDIA Presidents Infrastructure Contributions Taskforce, comprising Sydney based and regional developers, engineers, planners, lawyers and local government officers. […]

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UDIA NSW Submission to IPART review of the essential works list, nexus and efficient infrastructure design

Benchmarking, the essential works list and nexus are critical aspects of development in NSW. When implemented poorly they reduce development feasibility and housing supply resulting in reduced housing affordability. Given that NSW is currently facing a housing supply and affordability crisis, it is critical that this important part of the Infrastructure Contributions Reform is implemented […]

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