The Foundry is a stunning example of a workplace of the future, bringing together leading technology and design to create a flexible and sustainable campus-style working environment.

The Foundry is the third and largest new commercial building Mirvac has completed at South Eveleigh, Sydney. It was completed in May 2020 and spans 55,000sqm, over six storeys with expansive floorplates nearing 9,000sqm, and is one of Australia’s first ‘groundscrapers’. The building is home to around 6,000 Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) employees, including X15 Ventures, CBA’s venture-buiding entity.

Designed by award-winning architects Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp (FJMT) and Sissons (up to DA), with interiors by Davenport Campbell, the building construction featured sustainability practices and materials, overcoming design challenges to raise the bar within Australia.

Mirvac worked closely with FJMT to enable a unique prefabricated design for The Foundry, leading to significant construction and sustainability efficiencies. It is one of Australia’s largest prefabricated commercial buildings, with Mirvac making the strategic decision to convert the building from concrete to prefabricated structural steel, ensuring as much of the building as possible was built offsite. Mirvac used innovative techniques such as DfMLA (Design for Manufacture, Logistics and Assembly) and 3D BIM software, to drive time, construction accuracy and costs efficiencies.

In an industry first, Mirvac partnered with CBA to develop the original tender for South Eveleigh and collaborate on the development planning. CBA pre-committed to three new buildings (95,000 sqm) in the precinct for 10,000 workers, meaning The Foundry was 100 per cent leased ahead of construction commencement. The Foundry has 2,500 sqm of retail space, with 80 per cent leased prior to practical completion.

South Eveleigh is owned by Mirvac and its consortium partners, AMP Capital, Sunsuper and Centuria Property Funds, ensuring financial security and certainty for The Foundry.

Judges Comments

This development is to be commended for it’s successful integration into an established heritage precinct. The new building defines a strong and welcome edge to the South Eveleigh streetscape and the future activation of the interface between the building and the street will significantly enhance and blur the boundaries with the public spaces.

The Foundry is an impressive assembly of ‘buildings within a building’, defying the scale and vast capacity of this development. The permeability of the internal ‘buildings’ means that they also share in the flood of natural daylight which easily reaches down to the pedestrian friendly ground plane and expansive communal spaces.

The new Commonwealth campus showcases the workplace of the future with endless choices for working, collaborating, meeting and privacy. The development is impressively detailed with a balanced combination of natural materials that are robust and pragmatic, with a contemporary acknowledgement to the industrial heritage of the area.

A deserving winner that successfully transforms the vertical ‘tower’ into a series of horizontally arranged blocks that invite shared experiences and healthy connectivity with people and environment.