UDIA NSW Welcomes guidelines to build resilience into communities affected by natural disasters

The draft Strategic Guide to Planning for Natural Hazards in NSW, released today by the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces, is designed to address the impacts and costs of extreme weather events, which are expected to increase as our population grows.

Provided in the context of a changing climate, where natural hazards are also becoming more frequent and intense making them increasingly unpredictable, the guidelines also consider urbanised areas that are exposed to natural hazards such as floodplains, coastlines and lands adjacent to bushland.

However, risk is a fact of life and the NSW Government should not be fooled into thinking that it can wave a magic wand and remove all risk from natural hazards. An overly cautious approach will stifle the economy, destroy jobs and reduce housing affordability.

We need to see a reasonable balance that provides solutions to mitigate risks.

UDIA NSW CEO Steve Mann says “UDIA NSW wants to see an appropriate risk management-based approach to protect people and property, whilst delivering the housing and jobs that we need.”